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Steve's back!

Yay! Tuesday of this past week Steve finally returned to Malawi! We are so happy to be together again. And he was able to start teaching on Wednesday. Everyone is very happy that he finally showed up, including the students.

We are both enjoying our work, although I keep thinking I should be doing more! But until we have our own wheels, I hesitate to try to commit to anything more. So, slowly, slowly we adjust and find our way.

Last Sunday I attended service at Kacheri CCAP, a Presbyterian Church here in town. I went with our friends, Joel (from Canada) and his father and Hastings (one of the Malawian missionaries in the prisons). It is Hastings' home church. We were warmly welcomed and invited to say a few words of greeting. The service started at 6:00 a.m. and finished after 8:00. It was a beautiful time, with lots of enthusiastic singing, both by choirs and by the congregation. I would like to go back, if it works out sometime. They made me feel as if I really mattered.

We have found the people here truly warm and friendly. They really are the warm heart of Africa.

Now that Steve is here too, I feel as if we can truly settle in. We have to still acquire a car, but that will have to wait until our friend and mentor, Blair, gets back into the country. There are also a few other things to do, but there is no hurry. This is Africa after all! Things happen in there own time. I see now why God allowed me to have to wait so long for my surgery! It was good practice for being here.

I will write again next Saturday. Hope all is well with you. No pictures this week. I hope by next week to have pictures of me teaching in the prison.

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