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Quarantine, continued

We are still here in the apartment in Toronto, waiting out the last three days of quarantine. We really look forward to getting out of the apartment, even just for a quick run to the grocery store!

However, time is passing remarkably quickly, considering that there really isn't much to do here. We watch a lot of movies, mostly old ones, and we have Netflix here, so we can usually find something interesting. Steve is getting ahead on his painting, and I am about a day away from completing the prayer shawl I started when leaving Malawi. I deliberately chose a complicated pattern and small needles to make it last. As I said last week, I am no longer in a hurry to finish and get on to the next project.

We have also prepared our presentation for Leaside church. We have been asked to tell about our Malawi experience after the "coffee hour" tomorrow. I hope they will find it as interesting as we did putting it together. How to condense several months of life changing experience into fifteen minutes! It made me think about what would best represent the total experience, rather than trying to get all the details in.

I also spend some of my time praying for all of you and for our friends in Malawi. We heard just the other day that they had three cases confirmed now, all from the same family. Of course we believe that there must be more than just those three. We continue to pray that our dear friends there will be safe and remain healthy. They have shut the prisons now to all visitors. We were expecting them to do that already when we were still there. It must be very hard on the inmates and on their families and friends, but it's definitely a necessary step.

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to share. We are glad to be safely here in Canada at this point. It was definitely the right thing to do, to come home.

Just heard that there is a confirmed case in Blantyre now, the city where we were living. Also just heard from my friend Lyca. She says that transport has jumped from 600 kwacha to 1500, but instead of four people per seat, there are now two--with only eight people in a minibus. That says more than you can imagine about how seriously they are taking this situation. Lyca says they continue to pray for God's intervention.

My little corner where I sit to knit. The green blob is the prayer shawl I am working on.

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