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Back in Blantyre . . . Alone

Well, I am back in my home, the guesthouse in Blantyre, but Steve is still in Johannesburg, South Africa. I had to return, because I left most of my medication here, taking only what I needed for our holidays and a bit more. The good thing about having to return is that I get to start teaching, finally, on Monday.

I am happy about that, although I am a bit nervous. I still feel I need to prepare a bit more. I have some books here that I can consult. Unlike Steve, I didn't bring any books along on our holiday. I have a partial plan for Monday, but I should figure out a bit more. Hard to predict how they will respond to the task I have in mind!

Last week was quite quiet. In fact, the word "boring" comes to mind. But that's better than the unexpected events of the week before! Steve spent most of the day and night lying on his right side, to keep the gas bubble in the right place. He was pretty good about it, but I know it was hard.

On Thursday afternoon we went out together for a late lunch at a restaurant about a five minute walk away from the hotel. What a treat, to be together out of the room and even out of the hotel!

Mostly we got up early and about eight o'clock we would go down to the restaurant and have a hearty breakfast. Then we'd go back up to our room and spend the day reading or sleeping or, in my case, knitting. We kept some groceries in the room and snacked when we got hungry. We didn't need a lot, what with no exercise. My ankle was feeling pretty good most of the time, but even now it's still bruised. I went out to the grocery store a time or two, but I am not enthusiastic about wandering around on my own in a strange city, so I stayed in most of the time too.

Steve is happy to be beyond the staying in bed on his side stage. I am sure he will be more active and get out more than I did. We both look forward to being here in Blantyre together, but that could be another two weeks away. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I will start my teaching and carry on as well as I can by myself, as Steve will too. I hope to have more to report next week. Only one picture this week, since I didn't get out much.

This is Steve yesterday at breakfast.

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