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At last!

I told you last week that I would update you on the status of our vehicle search this week. I am here to say that it's all ours and ready to drive! We have to get that alignment done but we can drive it in the meantime. We are both vastly relieved. It's been quite the week.

We discovered on Tuesday that the seller really wanted to sell the truck to us and was willing to give us possession on Wednesday on the strength of a down payment. So after school on Wednesday, we met him and our mechanic at the bank and gave the seller a cheque which he cashed immediately. It's a lot of bills to add up to a million kwacha!

Our mechanic's men started working on it immediately and continued on Thursday all day. They took it completely apart and cleaned it thoroughly.

Also on Thursday, Steve went with the seller and our mechanic to make the final payment and take care of paperwork for transfer of ownership. That's a rigamarole in any country.

Friday Steve went out once more with our mechanic and finished up all the official matters for getting the truck on the road. This morning (Saturday) the men put it back together again and Steve took it out to get new tires on it. It is now officially roadworthy and in Steve's name. This gives us more independence than we have had since leaving home!

Also Thursday our neighbours here on the compound butchered three roosters for coq au vin. Steve and I and some travelling Presbyterians were invited to their place for dinner last night. We had a really good time.

Friday morning we were late for school. Our driver friend said when he finally arrived that it had taken him an hour and a half rather than the usual hour to get here from his house! All due to traffic. Crazy! I am sure that he will be glad that we finally have our own wheels. But he has been so wonderful about carting us around. I will miss seeing him regularly.

Also on the home front, we discovered this week that our "geyser" (pronounced geezer) is leaking badly. Our handyman was able to rig something so the leak stopped, but we have to replace the whole thing. He is looking for one on our behalf. (For those of you who are wondering, it's our water heater.)

Our toilets also both need fixing. Sigh. Isn't having a house fun! Come to think of it, it sure beats the alternative!

Next week Steve goes back to Johannesburg for his final (we hope) check up. He is feeling good and says the eye is acting just the same as the other eye did last year, so that's comforting, because that eye healed well.

More next week!

Putting the truck back together.

All together and airing out.

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