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Adventure continues

I have heard from Steve, and his eye is healing as we had hoped. We are very thankful for that confirmation from the doctor. Steve is planning to come home this afternoon. I will be happy to see him!

Yesterday I got a ride to the prison from our friend here on the compound. When I got there, I started to walk in through the prison as usual when I was stopped. Turns out they wanted to escort me to the school, as I was alone! It was a little disconcerting, but I took it as them simply wanting to look after me in the absence of my husband.

Classes went as usual. I do like my students, and they seem to like me as well. One day this week I had only one student in my Form 2 class at first. He is one who struggles quite a bit with writing English sentences, so this was an opportunity for me to work with him individually for a bit. I think we both found it rewarding. He is such a nice man, always eager to erase the board for me and things like that. I am glad I was able to have that time.

Yesterday when my morning was over, I planned to walk to the mall nearby and catch a taxi home. However, our friend the guard, who always escorts us out, offered to phone for his friend from church who drives a taxi. So he did that and I was driven right to my gate. The guard phoned me later to make sure I got home okay! I really am blessed with good people around me here.

It was good earlier this week to be able to drive ourselves to work, finally. How nice it is to have that independence! But I am still sure I personally won't drive here.

The house fixing goes on. On Thursday, our housekeeper had to work around the men who were installing the new geyser. It took them all day, but they got it done before they left. The boss came to check at the end of the day, and he left around 6:15 p.m. I was impressed that they worked so long, but glad that the job was done so I could have my usual hot shower in the morning!

We got a package of reading material from the PCC this week: a Glad Tidings from last fall, and two AMS publications from this year. Very rewarding to read them and, incidentally, to discover that people we don't even know are praying for us! Rather nice.

I spend all my "spare"time knitting on the prayer shawls for the women at Mulanje prison. I am ready to finish off number seven and I will start number eight today yet. I have asked Lyca how many women are there, but my impression is that there are about ten or so. We both look forward to the day when we can give the shawls to the women. It's rewarding work. I hope they will enjoy them and be kept warm.

Well, I think that's all the news from this week. Life settles into a rhythm no matter where you are, I guess. We are enjoying our time here very much. People are friendly and the weather is good. What's not to like! I wish God's blessings on all of you.

The view in the evening from the porch where we sit to do our WiFi business each day.

The flowers that have such a heavy scent at night that I smelled them from my bed. Very striking and beautiful.

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