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Well, change of flight. First it had been changed from March 26 to March 27. Then last night we found out that flight had been cancelled and we had a choice of March 30 or March 23. We chose March 23. We couldn't quite face waiting around for yet another half week! As it is, we have felt we are half gone, so to drag it out yet longer seemed a bad idea. So if all goes well, we will be in Canada by Tuesday sometime. Not sure of the time.

This past week, since we got the news that we are leaving, was tumultuous. We were at the prison on Wednesday and Friday as usual, but they are in the middle of exams, so no actual classes. Also, we couldn't share our plans, because the official word had not been given to the Officer in Charge. It still hasn't, but we finally have an appointment to see him with our immediate boss, the area chaplain, on Monday morning just before we leave. I hope it goes well, and with luck we might even get to say goodbye to our friends at the school there. I hope so. But anyway, we are leaving on Monday if all works out.

On Thursday evening Blair Bertrand hosted a little get-together for the people we have been most involved with. It was a lovely time; we had a good visit and a delicious meal, including lemon meringue pie! It was amazing. And it was such a blessing to meet with them one more time. They included the head of Friends of Prisons, Hastings, who was instrumental in getting us here. Also Rammy, the wonderful man who drove us to the prison and home for a month or more. And Lyca, another of the Friends who has befriended me. We call each other sister. Hamilton was also there. He is in charge of the Ndirandi Social Club which I have mentioned before. It was a gathering of remarkable and dedicated people. It is humbling to be accepted as part of such a group.

Blair took pictures, which I hope to share at some point. We have been a little busy since Thursday night!

On Friday Lyca showed up at the prison school. She asked the guard to take some pictures so she would have them to remember us by. I was a little nervous that she was going to divulge our plans, but she stepped skillfully around that and got the pictures she wanted. She promptly shared them with us, and I hope to share some of them with you.

I managed to finish the prayer shawls I was making for the women at Mulanje prison! I was so pleased, although I didn't get a baby afghan done for the little one. I included a cloth shawl of mine for him, so I hope that will be okay.

And my final project here in Malawi is a prayer shawl for Fatima, our once-a-week housekeeper. I had to tell her on Thursday that we are leaving. We were both very sad, and of course she has the added concern of a drop in income. But she said some very kind things about us, and I tried to tell her how much I will miss her. I hope she will be okay.

And that brings us to today. We spent a few hours this morning packing our stuff. I hope to leave some of my summery clothes for Fatima who is similar in size and shape to me, although somewhat slimmer, I think!

And I am going to try to finish that shawl for her. I will knit my fastest!

While we are sad to be leaving, it does feel like the right thing. We look forward to connecting with some of you in person at some point. We'll continue our blogs for a while, as we re-enter our home country. Thanks for following our adventures in Malawi.

Headmaster, Steve, Lyca, Nora

Steve, Prince (the guard), Nora

Steve in our form one classroom. The students were writing an exam.

Nora in the form one classroom.

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